Rainbow Bricks Athletic ( 5 in 1 ) Wet / Dry Combo

Rental:  $200 dry and $250 wet/day

The Rainbow Bricks Athletic ( 5 in 1 ) Wet / Dry Combo has everything kids want and can be rented year-around:

The bigger slide attached to the bounce house can be used both wet and dry. The slide itself has an inflatable pool at the end to provide kids with extra padding for safety and can be even used when dry.

  • Rainbow Theme Color: Red, Yellow, Blue
  • Entirely Manufactured Lead Free 15 oz. Commercial PVC Vinyl
  • Basketball Hoop Included
  • Slide With Replaceable Surfaces
  • Climbing Platform
  • Entrance Ramp w/Safety Snap Shout Door
  • Heavy Duty Netting Fully Encloses Play Area
  • Business Card Holder
  • Dimension L*W*H (Ft.) : 24’X 13′ X 15′
  • Material: Lead Free Re-enforced PVC Vinyl